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Black Metal Attack Vol. I


Bestial Bloodwar - Burial Hordes
Nuclear Black Metal Kampf - Ad Hominem
The Burning Eyes of the Werewolf - Satanic Warmaster
Evil Church - Enthroned
Brutal panzer assault ( Michael Wittmanns Fury) - Armaggedon
Panzer Division Marduk - Marduk
Malignant Coronation - Tsjuder
Kun Palaa Jerusalem - Hammer
Black Legions Of SS - Infernal War


Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom

The cover artwork WAS NOT made by Chris Moyen like some people think.

With the demise of Wild Rags, all of the original CD, MC & LP releases have become quite rare.

Re-released on CD by NWN! on May 16th 2007. The booklet features old interviews, pics, flyers etc.

Black LP, colored LP and Die hard PICLP sets issued in gate fold format and all included a poster and die hard include a patch and sticker.

Die hard PICLP was released in four versions with each band members own picture.

Wild Rags Red Vinyl - 2000 copies (WRR019)
Wild Rags Black Vinyl - undisclosed
NWN! Prod. Black Vinyl - 1000 copies
NWN! Prod. Red Vinyl (not sold to public) - 100 copies
NWN! Prod. Silver Vinyl (Test pressing came with an exclusive shirt, not sold to public.) - 20 copies.

Code666 CD released 1999, can be recognized by the fact that it says "Black Metal Skinheads" and "Code666" on the CD and the booklet is only 2 panels (unlike the official version which had a 3-panel booklet).

Nuclear War Now! productions digi-book CD released Spring 2008 as a digi-book CD; though the Nuclear War Now! productions logo appears on the digi-book, this is not an official release.

Immigrant Darkness LP released 2003 with the original artwork from the first release, limited to 333 copies and comes in a candy apple red colour; it can be recognized by comparing it with an official Wild Rags release.

CD/LP to be re-released in 2011.


01.Winds Of The Black Gods intro
02. fallen angel of doom...
03. hording of evil vengeance
04. darkness prevails
05. desecration
06. ritual
07. welterring in blood
08. demoniac
09. goddess of perverdity
10. the desolate one / Outro


Halgadom - Halgadom

Re-released in 2003 on LP with T-Shirt limited to 300 copies.
Re-released in 2010 on tape limited to 200 copies by EastSide.

The new recorded version of "Sonnenwende" is available on "Sein und Werden".

All music and lyrics by Frank Krämer.

Pagan Warrior
Wotans Krieger Absurd / Stahlgewitter
Wenn die Zeit reif ist
Holy War
Der Eid


domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Absurd - Totenlieder / Nebelfee Klangwerke

CD pressings:
2003 - Nebelfee Klangwerke
2003 - Nebelfee Klangwerke - Digipack
2009 - Nebelfee Klangwerke - Digipack, new artwork

Vinyl pressings:
2003 - World Terror Committe - 500 copies
2003 - World Terror Committe - Picture vinyl, 500 copies

Tape pressings:
2006 - Eastside

Nebelfee Klangwerke (2009, CD) bonus tracks:
11. Permafrost (3:46)
12. As the Fullmoon Disappears (2:10)

Trivia: The photo in the page of the lyric "Wolfsherz" is of the son of Wolf with his dog.


In die Schlacht
Stahl blitzt kalt
Der Hammer zerschmettert das Kreuz
Gemetzel in der Felsenschlucht
Der scharlachrote Tod
Wenn Walküren reiten

Bonus Track

Nebelfee Klangwerke (2009, CD) bonus tracks:


As the Fullmoon Disappears


Absurd - Werwolfthron

Songs from 1995-2001

Re-released on Tape by Eastside Productions, limited to 500 copies


Über die Gräber hinweg
Die Kathedrale
The Crucified
We Don't Believe in God (YHVH)
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm
Die Rückkehr des Werwolfes
Helge Hundingstöter
Ein Traum
Heaven in Blood


sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Hammer - Shoax

CD by Werewolf Records includes the tracks of "Nazionalsozialist" demo 2004 as bonus (tracks 7-10).

LP by Grievantee Productions is limited to 300 copies and includes a Grand Belial's Key cover (Shemhamforash) as hidden bonus track instead.

Full-length May 2008


Kirouksen Yö
Kun palaa Jerusalem
Kolmesta Terästä*
Nuclear War against Israel*
Juutalaisen Kalpenevat Kasvot*
Verisillä Käsillä*


Armaggedon - Ave Satan

Tape version released on 4th of February 2007 by Propaganda (Ukr), limited to 250 copies.

Re-released in 2007 as digipak CD limited to 500 copies by Seven Gates Of Hell and God Is Dead Records with 1 bonus track:
"The Ride Of The Ancestral War" (9th song on CD).

Re-released on LP by Asgard Musik in 2010 - limited to 500, hand-numbered copies.


Ave Satan
Black Goat Sodomizer
The Last Attempt Before Suicide
Worship The Goat
Holocaust (Jeovah's Zyklon-B Overdose)
Join Us In Blasphemy
Smashing Placenta Of The Virgin Womb
Crush The Trends
The Omen (Sexual Rites)

jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Armaggedon - Kill yourself or die

CD limited to 1000 copies.
MC version released by War Productions limited to 300 copies. Contains bonus track ``Through Of The Occult Veil`` between track 5 & 6.
Gatefold LP version released by Christhunt Productions, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Contains covers of Darkthrone (``Transilvanian Hunger``) and Bathory (``13 Candles``) in place of ``Funeral Fog``.

Pic-LP released by Unholy Horde Records, limited to 333 copies.


Armaggedon - Imperium Wird Durch Das Blut Wieder Aufleben

CD limited to 1000 copies.
Title means "Empire will revive by the blood".

LP released by Undercover Records, limited to 500 copies, first 200 on white splatter vinyl, 300 on black vinyl.


Darkness & HateEnlace
Crushing The Bastard
Open The Gates Of Hell
Fullmoon Apocalypse
Conquerors Of Imperial Hell
Masturbate On The Altar Of God
So Cold In Transylvania
The Gate Of Nannah


Armaggedon - I.N.R.I (I Nazarene Recognize my Impurity)

Re-released in 2009 on Digi-CD with one bonus track by Forgotten Wisdom Productions.

Re-released as LP by Asgard Musik in 2010, including an Isengard cover and a Bonus Track - limited to 500 copies.


Brutal Panzer Assault (Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittmanns Fury)
Kill the Koward Khrist
6(66) Millions de survivants
SS (Satan Soldiers)
Les cendres d Auschwitz
I.n.r.i. (I Nazarene Recognize my Impurity)
lempire renaitra par le sang
Thornspawn chalice (Isengard Cover)


Aetherius Obscuritas - Layae bölcsõje

The CD is limited to 1000 copies. The album has an English title, 'Layae's Cradle'.
On the booklet, the tracks are in Hungarian and English also.
Full-length May 1st, 2006


Layae Bölcsoje
Könnyek Útja
Fekete Hárfa
Szenvedést a Kárhozat Váltja (Damnation After Pain)
Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum Cover)
Õszi Esõ
A Múltunk Hatalmával
Utolsó Táncom
Az Elveszett Életünk
A Vár Árnyéka
Kínok Tüze (Outro)


Aetherius Obscuritas - Kinzò Harag

Kinzò Harag

Full-length: January 12th, 2005


Kihalt Kertben Nem Lesz Termés
Harag Lángja
A Fény
Ében Lovag (Duet of Sandor of Nimbostratus and Arkhrorrl )
Dirge of Szasa
A Vár Árnyéka
Az Igaz
My Hate Is His Spirit (Ragnarok Cover)
Lelkemnek Legmélyén
Sleeping Forest


Aetherius Obscuritas - Az éjszaka császára

Type: Full-length Release date 2004
1. Ethereal Darkness (Intro)
2. Büszke Menet
3. Az Éjszaka Császára
4. Debemur Morti Nos Nostraque
5. Maradok
6. Egyszerû Temetés
7. Through The Light
8. Eternal Past
9. Lost Time (Outro)