domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

Ad Hominem - A New Race For A New World

CD edition is heavily censored to avoid being banned. The title is printed as "...For A New World", no lyrics are printed in the booklet and "Slaughter the Pope" is listed on the back as "S. The Pope".
LP edition also done by Undercover Records, limited to 500 copies (first 100 on red vinyl).
Tape edition done by Total Holocaust Records


1. Closing Rank
2. Nuclear Black Metal Kampf !!!
3. Ad Hominem 
4. Ritual of Depraved 
5. Arbeit macht tot
6. The Dithyramb of Sadism 
7. Slaughter the Pope 
8. Will to Power 
9.On Your Ruins We March

Ad Hominem - Planet Z.O.G The End

 Planet ZOG -The end...

 LP by Undercover Records (2004) and limited to 500 copies (first 100 on red vinyl).
Tape by Totenkopf Propaganda (2004).


1. Invocation of Madness / The art of Schizophrenia
2. Planet ZOG
3. Auschwitz Rules 
4. The Psalmody of Sub-Humans 
6. Wolf Power
7. Delirium Tremens 
8. Soldiers of Wotans
9. The End

Total Playing 34:23...